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Athenra (SuperAdmin) 5/6/2012 7:31 PM EST : Codex Bugs+Removed Codex's.
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First Unnamed Tab -
I have 3/0 entries here. Some have claimed 4/0. The four items here are:
1. Ilum Landing Zone
2. Invalid Entry
3. Invalid Entry(rumored)
4. Outlaw's Den(this is Tattooine)
Obtainable: 4/0(rumored)
My Codex: 3/0
Datacrons -
None missing. The numbered gaps are intentional. The +10 Datacron does not count towards this.
Obtainable: 67/67
My Codex: 67/67
Epic Enemies -
This one is a bit off. Currently I am 100/123. I am only missing 6 codex entries that are obtainable. This brings the total to 106/123. Keep in mind every raid boss has two entries per difficulty here. Obviously, Nightmare Denova does not exist yet, though the entries are to be assumed coded. This gives us 8 additional entries. We are up to 114/123. We are also to assume a 2 hour nightmare clear codex entry. Total is now 115/123. This leaves 7 unknown/bugged/missing/future entries.
Obtainable: 106/123
My Codex: 100/123
This is one I am not sure of. I have 17/21, and I am missing 1 obtainable entry. Giving us 18/21. There is one entry that is not confirmed as I can't find any confirmation in my research: Ilum - Killed Someone Using a Turret. I plan to test this soon, achieving it in both contexts it could be taken. I will update this then. Other than that we have two bugged codex's:
1. Denova - Interupt a Capture Attempt
2. Ilum - Captured the Zone
Obtainable: 18 or 19/21
My Codex: 17/21
Titles -
This is one of the two sections Bioware really screwed up in the codex. I am 26/64, with 7 obtainable giving us 33/64. So what about the other 30ish titles? Ok here's a detailed breakdown.
10 come from Planets/FPs that were either removed or bugged:
Champion of House Thul - Alderaan
Conqueror of Balmorra - Balmorra
Jailbreaker - Belsavis
Conqueror of Corellia - Corellia
Of the Bane Brigade - Hoth
Venomous - Quesh
Scorcher of Worlds - Taris
Primeval Explorer - Tattooine
Ambassador of the Empire - Voss
Rakghoul's Bane - Kaon Under Siege
8 come from removed/bugged Social titles:
Friendly - Rank I
Outgoing - Rank II
Coordinator - Rank III
Guide - Rank IV
Chatterbox - Rank VI
Extrovert - Rank VII
Charismatic - Rank VIII
Leader - Rank IX
6 more from removed/bugged Dark/Light titles:
Vicious - Dark I
Sinister - Dark II
Malevolent - Dark IV
Respectable - Light I
Upstanding - Light II
Benevolent - Light IV
That adds 24 to our count putting us at 57/64. After doing much research I came across 3 BH only titles I do not have.
Powertech(yes I am a PT)
Knight of Alderaan
I also came across a shell of an invalid title. Lets assume the invalid title counts, so 61/64 is where we end with 3 unknown.
Obtainable: 33/64
My Codex: 26/64
Bestiary -
This one isn't that bad. I have 58/63. The remaining 5 are either bugged or missing. Here they are:
*Note: No beasts exist on Ilum*
1. Asharl Panther - Ilum
2. Bogwing - Ilum
3. Kath Hound - Ilum
4. Skel - Hoth(This is obtained two ways as Republic Only)
5. Vulagool - Unknown
Obtainable: 58/63
My Codex: 58/63
Crew Skills -
Nothing missing.
Obtainable: 14/14
My Codex: 14/14
Event -
Nothing missing.
Obtainable: 9/9
My Codex: 9/9
Game Rules -
One bugged: Combat Ratings
Obtainable: 13/14
My Codex: 13/14
Locations -
There is only 1 bugged location. In fact, its the ONLY location I can find listed anywhere that I don't have, yet I sit at 98/105. The one bugged location is Sith Academy on Korriban. Meaning we have 6 unknown.
Obtainable: 98/105
My Codex: 98/105
Lore -
I have 88/109. Quite a few bugged/unknown. Here is the breakdown.
The Infinite Empire - Belsavis
Lord Parnax's Lost Recordings - Dromund Kaas
The Blade of the Sith Executioner - Dromund Kaas
The Phobis Devices - Dromund Kaas
The Red Engine - Korriban (This is unobtainable for BH and IA)
Sith Weapons - Korriban(This is unobtainable by BH/IA)
The Three Families - Quesh
Rakghoul Disease - Taris
Geroya Be Haran - BH-only
History of Tattooine - Tattooine
Artificial Intelligence - ?
Evolved Rakghoul Plague - ?
Bonethrasher - I imagine KP
Karagga the Hutt - I imagine KP
With those we sit at 102/109. 7 unknown.
Obtainable: 88/109
My Codex: 88/109
Organizations -
I have 45/52. The other 7 are unobtainable.
1. Revanites - Dromund Kaas
2. The White Maw Pirates - Hoth
3. Chiss Ascendancy - Hoth
4. Tomb Raiders - Korriban (unobtainable for BH and IA)
5. The Sith Empire - ?
6. The Modern Tion Hegemony - ?
7. The Galactic Republic - ?
Obtainable: 45/52
My Codex: 45/52
Persons of Note -
I have 48/52. Four bugged:
1. Bouris Ulgo - Alderaan (BH only)
2. Lt. Major Pirell - Balmorra (BH only)
3. Jokull - Voss
4. Hedarr Soongh - ? (BH only)
Obtainable: 48/52
My Codex: 48/52
Planets -
Nothing missing.
Obtainable: 14/14
My Codex: 14/14
Ships -
Nothing missing.
Obtainable: 5/5
My Codex: 5/5
Species -
This is the second big screw up. I have 9/39. Though I have 31 bugged entries. Meaning 40/39? Could be considering the bugged taba nd pre1.2 epic enemies going up to 85/64. Here is the list of species, truncated by planet:
Alderaan - Killik
Balmorra - Gran, Colicoid
Corellia - Drall, Selonian
Dromund Kaas - Chevin, Duros, Selkath
Hoth - Talz, Chiss, Ortolan
Korriban - Sith Pureblood, Abyssin, Dashade
Nar Shaddaa - Gen'dai
Voss - Voss, Gormak
Unknown - Houk, Weequay, Chagrian, Arcona, Togruta, Advozse, Kaleesh, Nikto, Esh'kha, Ithorian, Trandoshan, Devaronian, Neimoidian, Anomid
Obtainable: 9/39
My Codex: 9/39
Characters: Enyro Athenra

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